Why work with me?


I work only with ClickUp. I live, breath and use ClickUp in my own business and personal life. I’ve tried and tested other Project Management platforms and none of them can compare to the versatility of ClickUp. I also have 12 years combined administrative and information technology experience where project management was the core skill.


Most of my clients have done the DIY route, and spent weeks trying to learn a new system while managing other areas of their lives. Eventually, they fall into bad habits or workarounds. Together, I’ll be able to help provide pro-tips and point out costly mistakes to avoid. You’ll fast tracking your learning and save time and money by working with me.


Your job is to be the CEO of your business. Leave it to me to keep track of new releases, features and integrations. I’ll be able to easily point out which ones will be the most beneficial for your business and industry.


My background is in IT Project Management. I managed a team of 10 network engineers and was responsible for overseeing 20 critical project completions a week. I then moved up to a Customer Success Manager for the same company and managed a client portfolio with an average of 8 clients and their IT Projects. I also have a natural ability to apply logical process to business strategy.

ClickUp Vetted Consultant

ClickUp has released an approved service provider directory for consultants. This means I have direct contact with ClickUp to ensure I am delivering only the most relevant and up-to-date information to my clients. As a solo consultant, I do not work for an agency. This means I only work with a limited number of clients at time to ensure you are getting the highest value and support as humanly possible. You are given designated project days so we can work uninterrupted.

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