Stephanie Judice | Podcast & Launch Management

Before my audit I was so confused on how to best utilize clickup when working with several different clients at once. Anne helped me to set up custom views so now I feel like I can easily see everything in one place! She was great to work with and went above and beyond in answering all of my questions!

Published by Anne of AmbitiousVA

Anne is a Project Manager turned ClickUp Consultant and is now using her 12 years of combined administrative & information technology experience to help turn other businesses and entrepreneurs into productivity powerhouses solely using ClickUp. She has a unique ability to apply logical processes to business strategy to help others LevelUp their productivity and push the needle forward to meet their goals! She is tech-savvy, while keeping it plain English for her clients, allowing her to grasp the quickly evolving nature of cloud-based software fast and being just dangerous enough to help anyone adapt to it with ease. She’s also a gifted instructor and has impeccable training abilities.