Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and I’ll share how I got from Corporate IT into ClickUp Consulting. 

2020 Sitting at my Home Office happy as a clam

2016 Corporate Project Management Journey

In 2016 I started my corporate project management journey, after a couple years with the same IT company doing level 1 triage work.

I worked part time for them on a 3pm to Midnight shift while also working part time in the IT department of a local letterpress company. I was a single mom, finishing my IT degree with 2 kids. My great leadership, dedication, and management skills lead me to the project management promotion to accommodate a clients growing weekly needs. I was literally told “this is what we need” and I made it happen.

2017 What is a CSM?

A year later, that high level client decided not to renew their contract so rather than my job being in jeopardy, they approached me for a position on the more managerial side of the company. Customer/Client Success Manager. Even though I enjoyed the engineering side and the people I worked with, it was a significant opportunity to build on my project management skills while managing several accounts(clients). This picture was taken in May of 2017, when I got to travel to NYC to meet and present a report to one of my clients CEOs. It signifies what I felt as the highlight and peek of my “new” career. Everything I had worked hard for at a company I had admired and wanted to be apart of during my degree program. My heart is and forever will be in the IT Industry. I love everything about it. The travel, my client accounts, the engineers I got to work with and my fellow team members.

2018 Rug pulled out from Under me

My first Entrepreneurial attempt was Coffee!

Welp. You read that right. My corporate journey came to a very abrupt end. I applied for Unemployment while in a Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) and I attempted to start a genius idea of Coffee Run. This idea stemmed from my corporate days, where I would normally make the daily coffee runs for a 3 pm pick-me-up but would always wonder about coffee delivery. That didn’t go as planned when I got into the cost and depth of it being a startup. (Maybe one day when I have the funds it’ll come to life) So, in desperation of money and not may places hiring Customer Success Managers, I lost money trying an MLM so I could have a flexible schedule and then I enjoyed grocery shopping for people doing Instacart.

2019 The Virtual Assistant bandwagon


During the last part of my Instacart journey I had been in touch with a lot of local small business owners and was actually helping a dear friend of mine with her social media and shopify store. Thus sparked my general virtual assistant journey. Although not very successful, it felt right up my alley. My love for being an entrepreneur out weighed my love for the corporate IT world. At this point I invested in myself and my business to get it off the ground and the upfront costs were MUCH lower then Coffee Run and I was using skills I already have to help others.

2020 ClickUp Systems Specialist and Consulting

I discovered my sweet spot at the end of 2019 with a new Project Management Platform called ClickUp. I had been helping some other fellow entrepreneurs with their systems and setups and quickly found that what was easy for me, wasn’t easy for others. Doing system setups and training videos is a huge help to others and eventually I was asked for consulting pricing.

I am a natural for breaking down goals and projects into smaller tasks and connecting it to the big picture. I enjoy learning about other businesses and solving problems and creating a streamlined system to prevent overwhelm. I wish I had known about ClickUp when I was at my corporate job, they had no official project management training, no central tool for all the teams and it was an overall disaster. Imagine what that did for their customer retention and internal projects and overall financial situation? My overall goal is to prevent financial loss like that whether your a small business or a corporate level company.

On a more personal note, I’m also a mom and wife in a blended family of 5 children. Ages 17 to 9 months. I actually signed my very first ClickUp Client while I was in the hospital giving birth to our “grande finale”. As a family we love the outdoors, especially at the lake and anything with engines (go karts, mini bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes) We have a beautiful American Bully dog and go from one extreme to the next. I’m also super close with my Dad. If it wasn’t for his love and guidance and sense of humor. I wouldn’t be the amazing woman I am today. Family is very important to me.

My Hobbies Include:

Spending time with my family outdoors. We love being at our family camp. I love tattoos and motorcycles and we let our kids share our love for speed with go-karts, mini bikes, dirt bikes and ATVs. We live in a small city but appreciate camping with bon-fires, smores and bare feet!

I love to travel and meet new people, but appreciate the quiet nature and solitude of gardening.

What People have to Say:

I commissioned Anne to make some ClickUp training videos. The training is so clear, detailed and easy to implement. Using ClickUp properly is making a big difference to my productivity. Anne can recommend ways of using productivity tools that integrate with your existing business systems. I’ve had wonderful feedback from many of my members.

Melissa Love of The Marketing Fix

Working with Anne at AmbitiousVA has given me a positive and stress free work flow. Before I was struggling with all things project management and ClickUp related, but now I have an excellent space where I can complete the tasks that are needed for my clients in a structured area. I’m able to complete tasks easily and effectively. I’ve been able to complete projects ahead of time with ease and a ton of stress taken off.

Andrea Merrill of Virtually Adventurous

After my ClickUp CheckUp I am able to more effectively complete and improve my reoccurring responsibilities due to creating a space for my templates. Working with Anne was great! She was able to help me understand more features that I was overwhelmed with taking on alone.

Allen Peck Jr of The Potato Coop

Ready to start your journey with me?

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